Jun. 11th, 2007

jdpfic_mod: Daniel Jackson. Caption 'contemplate.' (contemplate by emerald_dawn)
... for a Jack/Daniel porn tree!

I'm going to post the start of a porn-battle-style porn tree in midweek, and I can use as many smutty or sensuous or suggestive sentences as I can get between now and Wednesday (Smut Day!) at about midday U.S. Pacific time.

In the Porn Battle, you provide show, pairing, and a prompt word. Here we have the show and pairing -- they're all Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel (or Daniel/Jack *g*). So here I'm looking for full sentences to inspire ficlets. Once the prompts are posted, it'll be like the porn battle -- grab a prompt, write a fic that fits in one 4300-character comment, and post it as a reply to the prompts entry -- but writers will also have the option of taking any phrase or sentence from another comment response and writing a new comment fic around that.

Here are some sample sentences (but the real prompts can be as explicit as you like):

"You want me to what?"

Jack ran the tip of his index finger down the sweat-pooled valley of Daniel's spine.

Daniel licked his lips.

It was that dark, wicked twitch of smile that killed him every time.

Bits of dialogue, unspecific "he"s, short-and-simple, long-and-complex, angsty-and-serious, funny-and-punchy, raunchy and filthy, shmoopy and sweet -- as long as it's just one sentence. IP logging is off and anonymous commenting is enabled. (I will use the Screen button if it becomes necessary, but I don't expect it to.)

Submit as many sentences as you like -- the more the better! On Wednesday afternoon I'll compile them into a prompt post, and the comment-tree not-necessarily-drabbles porn battle shall begin. :-)

ETA: Prompts are now closed, because the commentpornathonaganza is about to begin. Thanks to everyone for all the great prompts!

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