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Jack/Daniel Kinkathon

Entries must feature the Jack/Daniel pairing in some way, but threesomes and moresomes are cool too, and so are J/D UST, post-breakup J/D, etc.

For the purposes of this challenge, 'kink' is meant in both the dictionary sense of an unconventional sexual practice (however one defines 'conventional') and the fannish sense of a situation or trope that punches your particular buttons. [livejournal.com profile] eliade's List of Fan-fiction Kinks, Tropes, and Clichés is a great source of inspiration. So is the [livejournal.com profile] smutday comm (especially the art: and photography: tags). Also the kinks: tags at [livejournal.com profile] rounds_of_kink.

Post fics as comments to this entry.

You can title your fic, or use the prompt as the subject line, or use the kink as the subject line, or some combination of those.

If it's not clear from the prompt wording or fic title, PLEASE WARN FOR KINKS THAT POSE A REASONABLE RISK OF SQUICKING SOMEONE. In the subject line, if you can fit it, or at the very top of the comment. It's better to be courteous and overcautious than to upset someone. It's also nice to give yourself the freedom to go as far as you want to with your fic, secure in the knowledge that you provided a warning. We're here to have fun!

Some possible ways to handle the subject line (you don't have to do it exactly like this, just use your best judgment):

Kink/prompt by itself
Somebody needs a good spanking
Text of the prompt (tells reader it's a spanking fic)
An assignation in an SGC men's-room stall while Jack's invisible (watersports)
Text of the prompt + kink that might not be obvious from the prompt
Boundary Lines (Daniel asks Jack to wear his fingerless gloves) (knife-play, dubious consent)
Fic title + text of the prompt + kinks that aren't obvious from the prompt
Boundary Lines (noncon, erotic torture)
Fic title + kink warnings
Boundary Lines (multiple kinks)
Fic title + general warning (if the fic includes a bunch of kinks and you can't decide what's appropriate to warn for)
Boundary Lines (possible squick alert)
Fic title + general warning (if there's a good chance of squicking someone but you don't want to give away a twist)

Fic doesn't have to fit in one comment. Add more by replying to your original comment so that one link will bring up all the parts as a thread. Drabbles and microficlets are great too!

If you write something long or prefer to post to your journal, post a link to the fic as a comment to this entry (and please observe the warning courtesy then too, especially if you prefer not to warn in your journal).

Please write as many of the prompts as you're inspired to! You can also combine prompts, write the same prompt from different points of view -- whatever you come up with.

You don't have to use the prompts supplied. You can write your own kinky J/D scenario.

The unofficial deadline is December 1st, right after the Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. The challenge will stay open until we hit the comment limit, but it won't be pimped out after the closing date, so make extra sure to let your flist know you've posted something new.








Dirty talk.

Flaccid penis play.


First-time D/s or bondage.

H/C after a nightmare.

Sleepy morning-sex.

Keeping warm in freezing temperatures.

The skin on skin warming technique used by special ops military members.

Fantasy play (cowboy scenarios, The Pharaoh and his slave, Doctor's orders ...).

Threesomes/moresomes (e.g. with Paul Davis, Ba'al, Rodney and/or John).

Obsession/fetish with hands.

Hands. Anything with hands.

Getting the other off only with his hands and no other contact.

Dubious consent.

Consensual rape.

Breakup sex.

You're-alive-again sex.

Please-stop-dying sex.

Sex in the gate room.

Also, sex on the briefing room table.

Sex in either of their offices.

Sex in a storage closet.

Accidental frottage in elevator.

An assignation in an SGC men's-room stall while Jack's invisible. The stall may or may not be surveilled.

Coming in their pants, while on base.

On a mission, in a tent.

Off-world sex in a body of water. (Breathplay optional)

Alien culture requires team be cleaned and oiled prior to meeting their leaders (per Jack's request, as in "take me to your..."), this includes body waxing.

Mutual hand-jobs in the front seat of Jack's truck, in a somewhat public place.

One discovers the other's proclivities, dubious consent.

One of them tries out a bdsm club or private party for the first time and finds the other (who's a regular in the local scene) there.

D/s or bondage discovery -- whether it's an accidental thing at home, whether one of them gathers the courage to ask, whether one is experienced and initiates the other, whether they both are experienced, whether they surprise each other in an exclusive club in Denver.

Daniel topping from bottom (Jack = service top).

Good clean nasty fun in the shower.

Daniel, Fruit Roll-Ups, and Jack...

Jack. Daniel. A hotel room. A callboy.

Jack. Daniel. A hotel room. A callgirl.

Daniel gets off on the domesticity of Jack shaving -- at home.

Daniel and Jack go shopping for sex toys on the Web.

Daniel and Jack go shopping for sex toys in a physical store.

Jack as a voyeur. (Either Daniel masturbating or with someone else.)

Jack watches Daniel get off to Daniel's favorite porn video.

They watch a video they recorded of themselves having sex.

What is Daniel using for inspiration when Jack catches him masturbating?

Daniel's a lot more alpha in bed than Jack expected.

Jack shaves Daniel from the waist down (or from the legs up).

The boys act out Jack's fantasy... via cybersex.

Sex while both blindfolded.

Jack in handcuffs.

Daniel in handcuffs.

Daniel asks Jack to wear his fingerless gloves.

Sometimes, in private, Daniel wears make-up. He's ready for Jack to know that (sex ensues of course).

Daniel acquires a coat of nail polish offworld and Jack's brain is filled with erotic images.

Plain. White. Briefs.

Daniel has a thing for Jack's dress blues.

Daniel's going commando and Jack's going crazy.

Their first time trying out a double-ended dildo.

Somebody needs a good spanking.

Daniel makes good on a promise to bring Jack to orgasm just by talking up against his ear.

Daniel holding a full cup of coffee while Jack works his evil way with him...let's see if his spills any. Oh, and Daniel's standing up...

Dom!Jack has one of his (Dom) friends over and decides to show off/share sub!Daniel.

Jack flips out a little when he finds out Daniel slept with Cameron--marking/claiming.

Have fun, and thanks for playing!

From: [identity profile] fieryflutter.livejournal.com
WARNINGS: Meridian fic, unbeta'd.

Hey, hope this works as a kink fic. This prompt (Break-Up Sex) immediately threw me into the story below, though it's probably not being used as it was supposed to be. Please let me know if this is totally off the mark in kink and/or prompt, and I'll remove it. No worries.
Thnx, Artifuss

One First Time
It was mid-afternoon, and the last thing he remembered was watching Daniel, watching him...

He shook his head, hoping to clear it some. Standing in his hallway, Jack wondered how did I get home... and when? He looked down at his hands, first at his palms and then their backs, hoping to find an answer hidden somewhere among the calluses. He then looked down at himself, pulling at the blue-green flannel shirt he now wore along with jeans, where his green BDUs should have been.

“Jack?” He looked up the stairs; the muffled voice was calling from his bedroom.

“Jack?” That soft, but unmistakable voice called out once more.

He took the stairs two at a time, and in another second he was at his bedroom’s door, cracked open, and sunlight leaking out. With a slight push the door fanned open, allowing him to see all that was inside; including the sculpted, naked man, lying on his bed.

“Come to bed, Jack.” Daniel stretched out, slightly arching his back and curling his toes, but all the while, never letting his eyes off of his friend.

“What are you doing here, Daniel?” Jack asked, what in hell were they doing here? “Aren’t you supposed to be at the SGC?”

“Not now.” Daniel sat up, swinging his feet to the floor, and rose.

Jack stood still, leaning against the door frame, as Daniel slowly made his way towards him, “Come to bed, Jack,” Daniel repeated as he grasped Jack’s hands and pulled him towards his bed.

Together they fell onto his small, twin bed, with Jack on top. Daniel grabbed at Jack’s shirt, his two strong, roughened hands ripping it apart; every button popped and flew.

Pushing the torn flannel away, Daniel immediately latched onto Jack’s neck, shoulders and chest, nearly eating him alive with bites and kisses. “I want you to fuck me Jack,” he demanded between licking and sucking any and all skin in reach.

“What?” Jack immediately lost all breath, and couldn’t figure out how to get it back. “You want me to what?” But even though those words flabbergasted him, he dove down anyway, catching Daniel’s mouth, teeth biting and lips sucking, while finding a rhythm that both their groins would enjoy.

Daniel’s hands framed Jack’s face and pulled back, putting a hair’s breadth of space between them. Jack blinked and swore he was staring at black flames burning within almost black eyes. “Daniel?”

With a bittersweet smile, Daniel shoved something against Jack’s chest, “Yeah.”

Jack nodded, consoled that it was truly him, and then looked down to see what Daniel had in hand.

“You’ve been in my drawers,” Jack complained while slowly accepting the bottle of lube from Daniel.

“So?” Daniel pushed him farther back until Jack was kneeling back between his spread thighs, fully intending on making things even between them; beginning with Jack’s buckle.

Jack watched Daniel, as he deftly took care of removing his belt, unbuttoning his fly, and pushing down both his jeans and briefs until they hung closer to his knees.

There was no denying how turned on Jack was. Daniel’s smile held as he took back the lube, pouring a generous amount and warming it between his palms. “I want you,” he stated simply as he took Jack in hand, liberally applying the lubricant over his cock and balls.

From: [identity profile] fieryflutter.livejournal.com
Jack closed his eyes; his head falling backwards as pleasure built, Daniel thoroughly coating him. Fully buzzed, Jack wasn’t quick to notice when Daniel stopped, until he felt strong legs wrapping around him, tugging him back down.

“Wait,” Jack begged, his hands falling down to either side of Daniel’s shoulders; knowing that he was supposed to do something, make sure that Daniel would enjoy this too.

But Daniel only pulled harder, grunting, shifting them both until Jack was poised perfectly above him. “I want this, Jack.” He took hold of Jack’s thick shaft, guiding it to his entrance. “Just once.”

“Daniel!” Jack panted, trying to pull back. “It’ll hurt this way.” He was sure of this.

“No it won’t,” Daniel shook his head quickly. “You won’t. Trust me.”

Jack groaned in reluctant acquiescence, allowing Daniel’s heels to draw him in.

Daniel’s teeth bit into his upper lip, his hands grasping tightly into Jack’s hair, while Jack sheathed himself completely into Daniel’s fully pliant, welcoming, heat.

“Yes,” Daniel hissed, tilting his head back, exposing his neck for Jack to mark, “Jack. Move. Please!”

Jack pulled out, and then pushed back into Daniel slowly; he knew he needed to take his time with this.

This had to last forever.


His bright, blue eyes were back, full of unshed tears. As they gasped for breath, still joined, Daniel wrapped his arms around Jack, lightly brushing their foreheads together, “Thank you.”

With a clearer head, reality niggled a little more incessantly in the back of Jack’s mind, “No.” He shook his head in willing denial of what Daniel was about to do, “Don’t you dare, you son of a bitch!”

But it was too late.


How they wound up from being tangled and satiated to standing fully clothed in the ‘gate room was beyond him; but Daniel was there, standing in front of him – still whole.



It was him. Jack smiled sadly; he might not know what’s going on fully, but he was damned sure it was him at least. He looked around, finding them not alone – a vaguely familiar, brightly dressed woman stood quietly in front of the ‘gate, watching them.

“Did you want something?” Like, tell me how to fix this.

“Yeah.” Daniel whispered, taking a deep breath, knowing these words were going to hurt. “Tell Jacob to stop.”


Jack had walked, nearly ran, away towards their locker room, begging for a moment of peace; he couldn’t stand the crowded infirmary right now. They had all looked at him, silently demanding answers that he couldn’t give.

With shaking hands, he turned the basin taps on high, and dunk his head under the cooling liquid.

A minute or ten passed before he was able to lift his head and stare at himself in the mirror. He’d aged a good ten years within those minutes, but could anyone blame him?

This was it, the final straw. Daniel was gone. Without him.
From: [identity profile] fieryflutter.livejournal.com
Awww! Just remember that with these two, there's always Make-Up Sex after Break-Up Sex... even if it takes a whole season before that happens. *nods* ;)
Thanks! :)
sid: (J/D Abyss)
From: [personal profile] sid
OMG, the ultimate break-up! Poor, poor Jack, left behind... *sob*
From: [identity profile] fieryflutter.livejournal.com
Yeah, I hate where my mind goes sometimes, lol. But Meridian brings us Abyss, so all's good... eventually! ;)
From: [identity profile] jd-junkie.livejournal.com
Oh, Jack. Oh, Daniel.
::good job we get season 7, eh?::
From: [identity profile] fieryflutter.livejournal.com
Oh, Jack. Oh, Daniel.
*will heart them always* :)

::good job we get season 7, eh?::
Ohhh yeah! Without Season 7, I wouldn't have touched Meridian with a ten-foot pole, lol.
ext_2043: (Default)
From: [identity profile] zats-clear.livejournal.com
I love this! of course, I am all about the angst and sex angle!
From: [identity profile] fieryflutter.livejournal.com
Hee, thank ya! Angst and sex does Jack&Daniel good. XD
From: [identity profile] dragojustine.livejournal.com
“Tell Jacob to stop.”

Oh GOD. A knife in the gut, that one. I didn't see it coming. *whimper*
From: [identity profile] fieryflutter.livejournal.com
Awwwh! *hugs*

That one line was pretty much the focus of the whole thing, lol. I think I watched that little bit of Meridian about fifty times on repeat last night before going in to write the commentfic.

Just think Season 7 and a nekkid Daniel. *nods* ;)
paian: blank white (kleenex)
From: [personal profile] paian
Wow, break-up sex right in the middle of that scene -- what a cool scenario! And owchy, of course, and I love how it's first-time sex that's also farewell sex. And since it happened between planes of existence, the welcome-home/make-up sex will be first-time sex too in a way. Awesome. *g*

Thanks so much for writing! Wonderful take on the prompt.
From: [identity profile] fieryflutter.livejournal.com
Hee, thank you! :D

And since it happened between planes of existence, the welcome-home/make-up sex will be first-time sex too in a way.


And if I have my way, Daniel would kinda remember the sex bit while gaining his memories, then confront Jack with it, but since Jack would be all angsty and a wee bit pissed off with Daniel for the "mind fuck", he'll throw Daniel off initially with a nah, the sex was all in your head, sorry; because Jack can do literal with the best of them!

*cough* Yeah, I haven't been thinking this scenario all day long... *whistles*
paian: blank white (kleenex)
From: [personal profile] paian
Oh, I hope you do have your way! *g*
ext_2584: (Default)
From: [identity profile] writinginct.livejournal.com
Oh ouch. A beautiful ouch. ::sniffle:: I hate Meridian. But this was nice missing piece of it.

Angsty porn for the win!
From: [identity profile] msbeata.livejournal.com
Jack was right, it does hurt this way.

Well done.
ext_3999: (JD Abyss Blue)
From: [identity profile] discodiva76.livejournal.com
Owwww....owwww...owwwww....painfully perfect!....thank you....

Deeds xx
ext_28871: (J/D - (Abyss) Never leaving you)
From: [identity profile] tigerlilly2063.livejournal.com
This hurts exactly in the right places. So wonderfully bittersweet.

Love that it's kinda first-time and last-time, while taking place somewhere between the planes, so it isn't even really any-time. Poor Jack for having to live with this. Though I would love to see this encounter thrown into maybe Abyss or when Daniel finally comes back.
From: [identity profile] msbeata.livejournal.com

//runs to check before even reading kink fic//

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