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Jack/Daniel Kinkathon

Entries must feature the Jack/Daniel pairing in some way, but threesomes and moresomes are cool too, and so are J/D UST, post-breakup J/D, etc.

For the purposes of this challenge, 'kink' is meant in both the dictionary sense of an unconventional sexual practice (however one defines 'conventional') and the fannish sense of a situation or trope that punches your particular buttons. [livejournal.com profile] eliade's List of Fan-fiction Kinks, Tropes, and Clichés is a great source of inspiration. So is the [livejournal.com profile] smutday comm (especially the art: and photography: tags). Also the kinks: tags at [livejournal.com profile] rounds_of_kink.

Post fics as comments to this entry.

You can title your fic, or use the prompt as the subject line, or use the kink as the subject line, or some combination of those.

If it's not clear from the prompt wording or fic title, PLEASE WARN FOR KINKS THAT POSE A REASONABLE RISK OF SQUICKING SOMEONE. In the subject line, if you can fit it, or at the very top of the comment. It's better to be courteous and overcautious than to upset someone. It's also nice to give yourself the freedom to go as far as you want to with your fic, secure in the knowledge that you provided a warning. We're here to have fun!

Some possible ways to handle the subject line (you don't have to do it exactly like this, just use your best judgment):

Kink/prompt by itself
Somebody needs a good spanking
Text of the prompt (tells reader it's a spanking fic)
An assignation in an SGC men's-room stall while Jack's invisible (watersports)
Text of the prompt + kink that might not be obvious from the prompt
Boundary Lines (Daniel asks Jack to wear his fingerless gloves) (knife-play, dubious consent)
Fic title + text of the prompt + kinks that aren't obvious from the prompt
Boundary Lines (noncon, erotic torture)
Fic title + kink warnings
Boundary Lines (multiple kinks)
Fic title + general warning (if the fic includes a bunch of kinks and you can't decide what's appropriate to warn for)
Boundary Lines (possible squick alert)
Fic title + general warning (if there's a good chance of squicking someone but you don't want to give away a twist)

Fic doesn't have to fit in one comment. Add more by replying to your original comment so that one link will bring up all the parts as a thread. Drabbles and microficlets are great too!

If you write something long or prefer to post to your journal, post a link to the fic as a comment to this entry (and please observe the warning courtesy then too, especially if you prefer not to warn in your journal).

Please write as many of the prompts as you're inspired to! You can also combine prompts, write the same prompt from different points of view -- whatever you come up with.

You don't have to use the prompts supplied. You can write your own kinky J/D scenario.

The unofficial deadline is December 1st, right after the Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. The challenge will stay open until we hit the comment limit, but it won't be pimped out after the closing date, so make extra sure to let your flist know you've posted something new.








Dirty talk.

Flaccid penis play.


First-time D/s or bondage.

H/C after a nightmare.

Sleepy morning-sex.

Keeping warm in freezing temperatures.

The skin on skin warming technique used by special ops military members.

Fantasy play (cowboy scenarios, The Pharaoh and his slave, Doctor's orders ...).

Threesomes/moresomes (e.g. with Paul Davis, Ba'al, Rodney and/or John).

Obsession/fetish with hands.

Hands. Anything with hands.

Getting the other off only with his hands and no other contact.

Dubious consent.

Consensual rape.

Breakup sex.

You're-alive-again sex.

Please-stop-dying sex.

Sex in the gate room.

Also, sex on the briefing room table.

Sex in either of their offices.

Sex in a storage closet.

Accidental frottage in elevator.

An assignation in an SGC men's-room stall while Jack's invisible. The stall may or may not be surveilled.

Coming in their pants, while on base.

On a mission, in a tent.

Off-world sex in a body of water. (Breathplay optional)

Alien culture requires team be cleaned and oiled prior to meeting their leaders (per Jack's request, as in "take me to your..."), this includes body waxing.

Mutual hand-jobs in the front seat of Jack's truck, in a somewhat public place.

One discovers the other's proclivities, dubious consent.

One of them tries out a bdsm club or private party for the first time and finds the other (who's a regular in the local scene) there.

D/s or bondage discovery -- whether it's an accidental thing at home, whether one of them gathers the courage to ask, whether one is experienced and initiates the other, whether they both are experienced, whether they surprise each other in an exclusive club in Denver.

Daniel topping from bottom (Jack = service top).

Good clean nasty fun in the shower.

Daniel, Fruit Roll-Ups, and Jack...

Jack. Daniel. A hotel room. A callboy.

Jack. Daniel. A hotel room. A callgirl.

Daniel gets off on the domesticity of Jack shaving -- at home.

Daniel and Jack go shopping for sex toys on the Web.

Daniel and Jack go shopping for sex toys in a physical store.

Jack as a voyeur. (Either Daniel masturbating or with someone else.)

Jack watches Daniel get off to Daniel's favorite porn video.

They watch a video they recorded of themselves having sex.

What is Daniel using for inspiration when Jack catches him masturbating?

Daniel's a lot more alpha in bed than Jack expected.

Jack shaves Daniel from the waist down (or from the legs up).

The boys act out Jack's fantasy... via cybersex.

Sex while both blindfolded.

Jack in handcuffs.

Daniel in handcuffs.

Daniel asks Jack to wear his fingerless gloves.

Sometimes, in private, Daniel wears make-up. He's ready for Jack to know that (sex ensues of course).

Daniel acquires a coat of nail polish offworld and Jack's brain is filled with erotic images.

Plain. White. Briefs.

Daniel has a thing for Jack's dress blues.

Daniel's going commando and Jack's going crazy.

Their first time trying out a double-ended dildo.

Somebody needs a good spanking.

Daniel makes good on a promise to bring Jack to orgasm just by talking up against his ear.

Daniel holding a full cup of coffee while Jack works his evil way with him...let's see if his spills any. Oh, and Daniel's standing up...

Dom!Jack has one of his (Dom) friends over and decides to show off/share sub!Daniel.

Jack flips out a little when he finds out Daniel slept with Cameron--marking/claiming.

Have fun, and thanks for playing!

sid: (J/D closeup)
From: [personal profile] sid
Jack adjusted the water temperature. Hot, like Daniel loved it.

Daniel rubbed up against him in thanks, and gave him a watery kiss.

“You’re first,” Jack said, bending down for the bottle of body wash and the sponge.

“Because you made me all dirty,” Daniel said over the sound of the running water. “Because your come is dripping out of my ass and running down my leg.”

Jack’s face changed. “You know how much I like to hear you talk filthy, Daniel.”

“Especially when you’re getting me clean, right? Washing your come off me and remembering how it got there?”

“I believe it got there when I was buried inside that hot hole of yours. If I’m not mistaken.” Jack began soaping Daniel’s belly. “But I’m cleaning up your come first.”

“My come got there the same way yours did. Your cock up my ass made me shoot all over myself.”

“My cock up your ass always makes you shoot all over yourself. You love my cock up your ass.”

“Yes, Jack.”

Jack stopped soaping Daniel’s stomach and moved up his torso to his underarms.

“I love everything about getting fucked by you. I love your fingers crammed up inside my ass, slicking me up with lube. Feels so good, and I know it’s just the start to something that’s going to feel even better. You’re just getting me ready for your big, hard cock, and it’s exciting, more exciting than I could ever put into words.”

“You’re doing well enough,” Jack growled, with a nip at Daniel’s ear. “I like lubing you up. Talk about exciting. It’s pretty damn exciting from where I’m sitting, too, ya know.”

“Is my ass nice and hot for you? Do your fingers feel how much I want you? They should. My ass falls open for you, wants you.”

Jack kissed him, hard. “Open? Open just enough. Still nice and tight.”

“Tight around your fingers, tight around your cock, just open enough. Just enough that you don’t kill me when you push inside. Just… the right burn. Good. Hurts good.”

“Good,” Jack breathed into Daniel’s ear. “Tell me all about it.”

“You push into me and I see spots. I feel like there’s a telephone pole going up my ass.”

Jack snorted.

“Too much?”

“Just a little.” Jack started washing Daniel’s cock.

Daniel purred and held onto Jack’s shoulders. “I open up, inch by inch, until you’re all the way inside, and I’m trying to remember how to breathe. And then you pull back, and I can only bear it because I know you’re going to shove your way back in. You’re making me take you. You’re showing my hole how big you are, how it has to stretch to take you.”

“Showing it who’s boss.” Jack flicked a nail over the head of Daniel’s cock, making it jerk in his hand, and then moved down to lift his balls, one by one, soaping them with the sponge and then using his fingers to work the suds all around and between and behind.

“It knows who’s boss, oh, believe me, Jack, it knows. My ass… “ Daniel laughed, “my ass loves the way you own it.”

“Rinse,” Jack said, stepping out from under the spray to let Daniel move.

sid: (J/D handporn)
From: [personal profile] sid
Daniel lifted his arms to rinse the soap from his armpits, spread his feet and tilted his pelvis to rinse his balls. “My ass loves the way you take care of it, too. The way you clean it.”

“I like to keep your ass happy.” Jack gave a damp smack to the body part under discussion. “It pays off, I find.”

“Oh, yeah, it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.” Daniel leaned forward to brace his hands against the wall, bending at the hips. He felt the pounding water cascading down his spine, curving to run down over his ass and trickle down his legs. “All the body parts are in full agreement. It’s kind of nice, compared to the shit we have to put up with on the outside.” He felt himself tense a bit, and concentrated on relaxing again.

“Yeah, it’s been a helluva week. The galaxy would be a happier place if everybody had an ass this sweet to fuck,” Jack said, running one hand over a cheek possessively.

“Well, the male population, anyway,” Daniel amended, waggling his hips a bit.

“We’ll give the women strap-ons. Make everybody happy.”

“Good thinking.” Daniel gasped as a soapy finger caressed between his cheeks, lingering and pressing at his entrance. “Hey, where were we?”

“I was showing your ass who’s boss, I think.” Jack’s finger slid inside and rotated.

“Yeah, you had me all stretched and tingly and you were fucking me so smooth. Like a piston. A well-oiled piston, pumping into me.”

Jack pumped his finger in and out. “Piston, huh?” He stroked Daniel’s ass with his other hand.

“For a while, anyway. Until you started getting excited.”

“Daniel, I get excited when you walk into a room.”

“You know what I mean.” Daniel arched his head up and back, thrusting his ass up into Jack’s touch. “When you start breathing ragged and your hips start to make these jerky motions. And you shift your weight a little and your cock starts rubbing me in all the right places… yeah! Yeah, that’s… places like that one. Ooh!”

Jack ran a hand up Daniel’s spine. “You want me to keep going? You gettin’ hard?”

“Too soon,” Daniel moaned.

“That’s what I thought, but you’ve surprised me in the past.” Jack pulled his finger out slowly. “The soap’ll just start to irritate after a while.”

“Damn,” Daniel complained. He straightened up and turned in Jack’s arms. “I’m used to being irritated.”

Jack smirked. “Why don’t you call me a pain in the ass and have done with it?” He backed up a step or two. “Rinse.”

Daniel walked forward, plastered himself against Jack’s body, threw both arms around his neck and placed his mouth on Jack’s. Jack’s hands slid around his hips to cup his ass, kneading, pulling, parting. Daniel moaned with contentment as hot water pulsed against his crease, his hole, and Jack’s warmth supported him, and all his cares vanished like bubbles of soap.
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sid: (J/D Happy)
From: [personal profile] sid
*turns on the 'cold' faucet*
From: [identity profile] chattycatsmeow.livejournal.com
Funny how they can be so dirty and so clean at the very same time. :D
sid: (Daniel grin)
From: [personal profile] sid
It's totally not my fault. Daniel just started talking dirty - surprised the hell out of me. :-D
paian: blank white (sweet (& hot))
From: [personal profile] paian
I love that they're doing this after sex, and enjoying it whether or not it can lead up to a second round.

Superhot bantery goodness!
sid: (J/D handporn)
From: [personal profile] sid
It totally went in a different direction than I was expecting. Which, as always, is a very cool experience. Glad you enjoyed!
From: [identity profile] starglyph.livejournal.com
Yes! There's nothing quite like talking dirty; it's a whole porny art of its own. And you, are an artist.

And this was great! A little bit of everything good, banter and bickering, clean and dirty, hot and, well, hotter. :)

sid: (Daniel blowjob)
From: [personal profile] sid
Daniel wanted to talk dirty, and who am I to tell him 'no'? *g*

Which completely changed my original plan, which IIRC, had a folded towel on the shower floor and Daniel kneeling on it... but he wouldn't be able to talk dirty with his mouth full....
sid: (Daniel grin)
From: [personal profile] sid
Hope your shower was fulfilling. ;-)

Glad you enjoyed... of course, what's not to like?
From: [identity profile] antares04a.livejournal.com
“For a while, anyway. Until you started getting excited.”
“Daniel, I get excited when you walk into a room.”

*bg* I really like their conversation/dirty talk and especially this part, because it shows in one sentence how Jack feels about Daniel.
And I really like it when Jacks feels "helpless" in Daniel's hands - and vice versa.*g*

sid: (J/D butt)
From: [personal profile] sid
Lovely fb - thanks very much!
From: [identity profile] msbeata.livejournal.com
That was really hot and I was loving every little bit of it and then I got to this

“You want me to keep going? You gettin’ hard?”

and I had an internal happy dance moment.
sid: (J/D butt)
From: [personal profile] sid
Yay for internal dances of teh happiness!! :-D
ext_8622: (sg minijack glasses)
From: [identity profile] dustandroses.livejournal.com
Holy shit! You're feeding my brand spankin' new Dirty Talk kink! Keep this up, and who knows what it'll grow into!

And when you combine that with my Wet Boys Sliding Against Each Other kink, you're making me crazy here!


And I'm beginning to get a feel for all the "feels good even if I can't get hard again" stuff too...

Stop it!

Okay, not really...


If you keep this up, I'm going to need to add you to the Permanently Needs to Be Punished list... Jack's gonna wear his hand out on you!
sid: (Jack the very model)
From: [personal profile] sid
Oh, damn, I wouldn't want Jack to wear out his hand. There must be a solution of some kind.... ;-)

Glad I could push your buttons!
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From: [personal profile] sid
*mops up the 'splodey bits*


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